Traditionally, US companies have looked towards Asia for software development needs. However, Latin America (LATAM) offers a compelling alternative, providing a nearshore location with significant advantages. This blog explores the LATAM software development landscape in 2024, highlighting its benefits and offering insights for companies seeking to hire top talent in the region.

Why Choose LATAM?

LATAM boasts a highly skilled and growing pool of IT professionals. Many have experience working with regional unicorns and global leaders, enhancing their skillsets and making them attractive hires. Here are some key advantages of hiring LATAM developers:

Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to North America, LATAM developers have competitive salary expectations, offering significant cost savings for companies, particularly startups and those with limited budgets.

Time Zone Compatibility: Similar time zones with North America enable smoother communication, real-time collaboration, and increased productivity.

Skilled Workforce: LATAM countries are actively investing in education and training programs to cultivate a robust pipeline of skilled developers.

LATAM Developer Salary Ranges (in USD)

Here’s a breakdown of typical salary ranges for English-speaking software developers in LATAM (based on Prosource IT’s 2024 data):

Junior: $30,000 – $54,000

Mid-Level: $54,000 – $78,000

Senior: $66,000 – $108,000

Lead: $84,000 – $132,000

These ranges are for developers with good English proficiency and may vary based on specific skillsets, experience, and location.

How to Hire Top LATAM Developers

There are several ways to hire LATAM developers:

– Direct Hiring: Manage the hiring process yourself, offering greater control but requiring more time and resources.

– Employer of Record (EOR) Services: Utilize an EOR company like Deel to handle legal and administrative aspects like payroll and compliance.

– Recruiting/Staffing Agencies: Partner with a firm like Prosource IT to leverage their expertise in sourcing and vetting top LATAM developer talent.

Tips for Successful Hiring

-Competitive Offers: Beyond mandatory benefits, consider offering perks common in the region, such as health insurance, study time, and local holidays.

-Embrace Diversity: While English proficiency is valuable, consider expanding your talent pool by accepting varying English language skills, particularly for roles where strong technical skills are paramount. This approach can encourage diversity and inclusion within your team.


By understanding the LATAM software development landscape, companies can access a growing pool of skilled professionals at competitive rates. The benefits extend beyond cost savings, with time zone compatibility facilitating seamless collaboration and improved development team productivity.

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