Technology is a vast and complex field, but many organizations are realizing the necessity of having professionals that can leverage devices and software effectively. Businesses are increasingly using technology to improve productivity internally while also providing the necessary tools to bolster customer service and experiences. However, finding the right IT personnel is becoming increasingly difficult. These professionals are in high demand, and companies are willing to pay for their expertise. Let’s take a closer look at how you can make up for the tech skills gap and hire ideal IT candidates.
Don’t go for perfection
It’s understandable organizations want to hire someone that fits the job description perfectly, but the problem is that most candidates won’t have all the specific skills or experience level that the posting asks for. Disregarding someone because they’re missing a skill or two could significantly hamper your hiring process. An industry survey found that it’s taking longer to fill open IT jobs than a year ago, and 34 percent of respondents are willing to wait for a perfect match, Baseline Magazine reported.
Expand  your qualifications to look for a capable candidate. Expand your qualifications to look for a capable candidate.
However, it could take a significant amount of time and money to recruit the right person, leaving you to miss out on critical opportunities. Don’t aim for perfection. Instead, consider the individual’s capabilities and willingness to learn. Meeting them halfway will help shorten the hiring process and provide you with a capable IT professional.
Provide incentives and training opportunities
Employers expect a lot out of their IT candidates, but organizations must give professionals a reason to come work for them. Many companies are providing higher salaries for new hires, paying for relocation expenses and offering perks like free lunches or sign-on bonuses. Forbes Technology Council member Venkat Rangan noted that training IT professionals on the technology and product could make up for some of the experience gaps candidates have. Businesses can also offer educational opportunities to further IT skills and establish a strong mentoring relationship.
Organizations are increasingly improving their benefits to attract IT professionals. High-quality candidates demand and deserve corresponding pay for their capabilities. Providing comparable salaries and other critical benefits will bring in more qualified candidates and help narrow the technology gap within your own business. Leaders should also look into paying for certifications to improve IT development and empower employee advancement. These opportunities will serve you well for drawing qualified and capable IT applicants.
“Carefully consider how much experience is realistically required to perform a job.”
Don’t count out graduates
While some positions require five to 10 years of experience, there are others that could very well be open to recent college graduates and individuals pursuing higher education. Research from the Career Advisory Board found that only 11 percent of employers believe that higher education is effective in preparing graduates for jobs, and 62 percent stated that students weren’t ready to meet skills that organizations need. Organizations can provide mentorship programs to not only improve student experience, but also establish a network with upcoming tech professionals. This could streamline your hiring process and enable the next generation workforce.
Business leaders should carefully consider how much experience is realistically required to perform a job and open it up to a wider range of capabilities. This will help attract more qualified candidates. While you may have to provide training and education opportunities to achieve the skills you want, more inclusivity will significantly shorten the skills gap.
The lack of available tech professionals is expected to be a major issue moving forward. It will take much longer to fill positions and ensure that you’re getting qualified IT candidates for your needs. ProSource IT has experience in finding the right applicants for technical positions and ensuring that businesses get an individual that has the necessary skills. For more about our proven methodology, contact us today.

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