A top financial institution needed to transition their legacy infrastructure to the cloud while enhancing security protocols. Doing this in-house was not feasible due to a lack of expertise and high talent costs, posing a challenge to build a team that had high expertise for a reasonable cost.

The Challenge:

The financial services company , faced a critical challenge in transitioning to a cloud environment and enhancing security patch management. Their existing IT environment lacked the necessary in-house skills for this transformation. Additionally, the high cost of DevOps talent in the current market posed a significant barrier.

Our Solution:

Prosource IT engaged closely with the client’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to outline a clear path for IT modernization. This collaboration was pivotal in understanding the client’s specific needs and designing roles and processes suited for the future state of their IT environment. Prosource IT also leveraged its support center in Bogota, Colombia, to address the talent gap. This strategic move not only provided access to skilled engineering talent but also ensured round-the-clock (24/7/365) operational support. The team from the Bogota center was not just tasked with operations support but also played a crucial role in the modernization efforts. They brought in fresh perspectives and methodologies suitable for the new Tech landscape .By tapping into the LATAM talent pool, Prosource IT provided a cost-effective alternative to the overpriced DevOps talent in the current market without compromising on skill or expertise.

Business Justification and Financial Impact

By leveraging the LATAM talent pool, the financial institution was able to significantly reduce the costs associated with hiring and retaining skilled IT personnel. The partnership introduced advanced technical skills and modern methodologies into the client’s IT environment, enhancing their capability to manage and secure their cloud infrastructure. The new processes and skilled team contributed to a more robust security posture, crucial for the financial institution’s operational integrity. The build-operate-transfer model, implemented by Prosource IT, provides the client with the option to eventually internalize these capabilities, offering long-term strategic flexibility.

Real world Results

The financial services company is now able to augment its capabilities without inflating costs. They are now empowered to reimagine their IT environment and workforce model through a collaborative, tech-forward approach which has minimized security risk, developed talent bench for ongoing innovation and Retained flexibility to eventually transition team in-house.

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