Today, our challenge is a constant 20-30% annual head count growth with the need to find and attract domestic and global candidates with modern skillsets. ProSource IT has been the instrumental in our success in recruiting top talent in domains such as DevOps, site reliability engineering, public and private cloud, performance, data science, machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, Java Spring, Go, and others. ProSource IT is also a key part of our ongoing strategic planning process for sourcing the best talent. ProSource IT provides valuable insight into employment market conditions and trends that can affect our hiring today and into the future. In addition, ProSource IT serves us with a wide range of engagement options from standard temp, temp-to-perm, perm options as well as unique, flexible individual and custom team arrangements. Beyond being a key partner, Prosource has revolutionized the interview process by providing a platform where our hiring managers can view recorded candidate pre-screening videos. The pre-screen interviewers are senior technology professionals that evaluate the candidate rather than just reading questions and collecting responses. This completely outsources the most time-consuming process of hiring, which is the initial screening. Only the most qualified candidates are passed on to the hiring managers, and given that the videos are recorded, the hiring managers can watch the videos at their convenience and not wait days or weeks to schedule the initial interview. This is an enormous time saver for all involved in hiring. Continuing to grow and find the top tech talent is the foundational element to achieving our entire business strategy. prosourceIT makes that a reality.

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