There is definitely no shortage of reading material at HBS. Aside from all of the case studies, there are numerous books that are provided. All of these books are authored by the HBS professors. Here is the list of some of the books that were provided to us during our program:


Rebel Talent by Francesca Gino

Why It Pays to Break the Rules at Work and in Life. This is a great book with lots of stories about unconventional and rebel ways to work and live by. 
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Experimentation Matters: Unlocking the Potential of New Technologies for Innovation by Stefan Thomke.

Professor Thomke provides great deal of case studies and stories about the role of experimentation at some of the most innovative companies.


It’s Not the How Or the What But the Who by Claudio Fernández-Aráoz

Succeed by Surrounding Yourself with the Best – I have referenced this book in my previous article.

Being The Boss by Linda A. Hill

The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader: manage yourself, manage your network and manage your team. 


Driving Digital Strategy by Sunil Gupta

A Guide to Re-imagining Your Business


Collective Genius by Linda A. Hill

The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation – distinction between the organizations that consistently innovate, while others cannot.


How Finance Works by Mihir A. Desai

The HBR Guide to Thinking Smart about the Numbers. If you are a non-finance person as I am, then you will certainly become one after reading this book. 


The Wisdom of Finance by Mihir A. Desai

Discovering Humanity in the World of Risk and Return


3-d Negotiation: Powerful Tools to Change the Game in Your Most Important Deals by David Lax and James Sebenius



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