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Selecting the right staffing partner is vital to the success of the project. Implementing specific selection criteria helps identify the agency that has it all and can meet the specific requirements of the project. 
Here is a quick guide to narrowing the search down and finding the right staffing partner.

Set the criteria

A specific list of “must-haves” really eases the process. Here is an example of what a staffing partner can potentially offer:
  • W2 compliant 
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Real-time reporting + dedicated manager
A checklist identifies whether a potential partner can meet the requirements. 

Service & quality

Staffing is a commodity. It’s always nice to work with a unique partner, but the quality of service is still a priority. Make sure that the staffing partner has a global reach, caters to a niche (IT) market, or provides on-demand solutions. 

Level of transparency

The right staffing partner should be clear about the processes at each stage. Knowing what roles your partner plays at each stage provides insight into what to expect from the talent. 


Savings are good but the best price does not always mean the best quality. At this stage, it’s crucial to maintain balance and understand how pricing affects the final outcome.  

Сompliance with the requirements 

Normally larger agencies can easily meet time requirements but when it comes to a niche talent it’s better to choose firms that are focused on the market you need. 


Communication is vital. The partnership works only if both sides of the relationship understand the big picture and are comfortable with each other. The initial contact can tell a lot about how a staffing partner deals with different issues, what should you expect from them in a challenging situation, and whether you’ll receive all the needed information in time. 

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